How Cork Yoga Blocks Advance Your Practice and Make it Eco-friendly?

How Cork Yoga Blocks Advance Your Practice and Make it Eco-friendly?

Learn about an eco-friendly yoga accessory from the ALAMATA shop- the organic cork yoga block, to improve your yoga practice today! 

Now you can practice eco-friendly yoga using biodegradable, plastic-free, and durable yoga accessories like the ALAMATA Moon Blocks, which are organic cork yoga blocks made of sustainable and recyclable material. Not only are these blocks a fantastic option to support yourself during your yoga session, but they are environmentally friendly too. This helps you connect with the yoga niyama śaucha by being more mindful of the environment’s cleanliness. This blog post introduces you to the ALAMATA cork yoga blocks, how they can improve your practice and make it more eco-friendly.

Why Cork Yoga Blocks Help the Environment?

In today’s world with excessive plastic use and the accumulation of landfill sites with toxic components of plastic that take ages to break down, the negative impact on the environment, animals, and humans alike are huge. ALAMATA’s yoga blocks are made with environmentally-conscious choices, where they contain 100% natural Portugal cork from Oak trees that can be easily recyclable too. This sustainable option is safer for the environment AND does not compromise your yoga practice. Isn’t eco-friendly yoga such a win-win situation?

How Organic Cork Yoga Blocks Improve Your Practice?

The ALAMATA Moon Blocks come in a pack of 2 and are in the shape of a half-moon as opposed to the typical rectangular blocks. These half-moon-shaped blocks made with cork collectively help you achieve a non-slip grip. As you yogis out there know, grip is crucial for yoga asanas such as those involving arm balances, especially when you are learning to take an asana off the ground for the first time. These cork yoga blocks are perfect to support yourself and make these asanas more accessible and steady.

Great grip and support can help you gain a deeper stretch, with balance and comfort. You can place these cork blocks perpendicular to the ground to elevate your upper body. This helps you stretch deeply while maintaining the correct alignment and stability in poses such as standing forward fold, triangle, and camel. It’s a brilliant supportive tool for tight muscles.

ALAMATA’s cork yoga blocks are for yogis at any level, to help them with support, alignment, balance, and even core strengthening (e.g. squeezing your yoga block whilst at a boat pose helps you engage and strengthen your core).

Why Cork Yoga Blocks are the perfect neck and backrest?

Once you are done with your yoga practice, feel free to use these half-moon-shaped cork yoga blocks as the perfect neck rest, or place them under your spine, or ankle. Their unique block shape fits comfortably underneath your body and allows you to rejuvenate. It’s a great way to relax and to be supported after a long sweat session!

A Final Note

What better way is there to improve your yoga practice in an environmentally conscious manner but to use cork yoga blocks? Remember, that practice takes time and these cork yoga blocks are your companion to help you along the way!