How to Choose Yoga Clothes for Beginners?

How to Choose Yoga Clothes for Beginners?

This simple guide is perfect for yoga beginners to help them choose what yoga clothes to wear.

Choosing the right yoga apparel is one of the must-dos when you start yoga. As yoga involves body movements and seated positions, comfortable clothing that also allows you to stretch easily and are breathable are the best combinations. Wearing loose and saggy tops falling over our face, with inflexible pants, although might be comfortable options, greatly limit your mobility. Why let your pants get in the way of a good old stretch?

Follow this guide to choose the best yoga suits for you to get the best out of your yoga session, and that also works with your personal yoga style preferences.

What yoga apparel options do women and men have?

For women, yoga apparel ranges from sports bras, yoga T-shirts, crop tops, tank tops, coupled with yoga leggings or shorts. You can also include jackets for layering when it gets too cold.

For men, yoga shorts or yoga pants with close-fitting tops make a great combo. Loose tops are also fine as long as you tuck them into your pants, so they won’t fall over your face.

What to look for in a good yoga suit?

With such diverse options for yoga apparel available in the market, it can be overwhelming to know what sort of choices to go for. You can narrow down your choices by considering the following qualities:

#1 Material: The choice of material of your yoga suit is very important for a comfortable yoga session throughout. Go for yoga clothes made of polyester, spandex, nylon, and for more biodegradable options cotton or even bamboo. All these options are perfect for activewear as they are moisture-wicking (helps to move your sweat away from your skin and cool you down), breathable, and of course, flexible and stretchy.

#2 Temperature: You may want to think about the external temperature and the sort of yoga clothes you buy. If it’s winter, stocking your wardrobe with yoga shorts may not be the best idea. Choosing summer and winter yoga clothes options leaves you prepared regardless of the temperature. Also, yoga in the mornings can be a bit cold before you start moving about, so a good idea is to also invest in layering options like a wool shawl, or cardigan put over your yoga apparel. You can easily take them off when you are warmed up and put them back on when you feel cold.

#3 Flexibility: Inflexible pants, like jeans, are probably the worst option for a yoga beginner. Choosing yoga clothes that allow mobility is very important. Go for stretchy and flexible options.

#4 Breathable: You would not want to feel suffocated in your clothes during a fast-paced Vinyasa yoga session, so checking for breathability is key. Breathable clothes allow air to pass through and sweat to leave, making you feel cool and dry.

#5 Comfortable and speaks to YOU: While taking into consideration all these important qualities in your yoga suit, do think about what would work with your personality. After all, the most comfortable yoga clothes are those that make you feel good and speak to you.

Where can you buy yoga clothes?

There are tonnes of options out there, both online and offline. The ALAMATA store has a great collection of yoga apparel made by yogis to suit your needs. From yoga suit sets, leggings, yoga T-shirts, and sports bras, they got it all.

A Final Note

Sorting out your yoga clothes earlier would help you focus more on your time on the mat, and not about how our top’s materials are making you feel too hot. The most important thing is to feel comfortable and enjoy your time on the mat. Good luck fellow yoga beginners, we hope this is the start of something meaningful for you.