Introducing ALAMATA Moon Blocks—Eco-Friendly and Organic Half-Round Non-Slip Natural Cork Yoga Blocks

 Moon Block Eco-Friendly and Organic Half-Round Non-Slip Natural Cork Yoga Blocks


The half-round Yoga wedge blocks offer the perfect grip to work on balance and core muscles in any kind of everyday training.

ALAMATA has launched half-round Yoga Exercise non-slip blocks—a new and alternative way to help people modify and deepen Yoga poses with more stretching, increase alignment, improve balance, and accommodate flexibility to make their asanas more challenging and steadier. Designed for everyone regardless of their yoga and fitness level, these are ideal for newbies and senior yoga admirers to practice and improve their balance and strengthen their core muscles.

moon block yoga cork  Half-Round Natural Cork Yoga Block Set of 2 Non-Slip Perfect Grip to Improve Balance ECO Friendly Yoga Accessories

Made from renewable resources, the 100% natural Portugal cork in ALAMATA round Yoga wedge block is organic, sustainable, easily recyclable, and eco-friendly. Sourced from the bark of oak trees, it also provides a far superior grip compared to other materials, making these exercise blocks perfect even for hot Yoga that demands a better grip. Users can place the half round roller under the neck, lumbar, or ankle to relax after Yoga or a hard workout.

A naturally clear and strong, durable material whose pore structure keeps moisture out and prevents it from seeping in, cork stays fresh even during the hardest training. Easy-to-grip with a non-slip surface and comfortable contoured edges, its slip-resistant grip offers stability. The grip of ALAMATA Moon Blocks gets even better when the cork gets wet during use.

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