What should you wear to yoga class? A complete beginner’s guide

What should you wear to yoga class? A complete beginner’s guide

Did you just sign up for a yoga class and now wondering what to wear? If you are planning to wear your gym tracksuit and shoes to yoga class, please stop! Yoga attire is much different from cardio or strength training clothing. Yoga clothing is specialized for various yoga poses- from Hatha Asanas to Bikram yoga, yoga clothing must be comfortable and breathable enough.

Yoga suits must be not baggy, loose, extra tight to hinder movement. Instead, a seamless yoga bodysuit, yoga pants, stretchy full-length tops, a sports bra is what you will need for your yoga class.

You will have to undergo poses that demand being upside down or challenge the stretch in your body. In this case, non-stretchy cotton wear or yoga clothing that reveals your body could be the worst choice. You don’t want to get hurt and, at the same time, feel confident about your body in every pose.

Your Yoga Outfit and activewear FAQs answered!

Here we picked some of your frequently asked questions and answered them perfectly for your needs. Your one-stop to know everything about women activewear yoga.

What Yoga Pants to wear to yoga class?

Wear stretchy cotton pants or high-waist leggings that are seamless, opaque, and provide good stretch. The fiber used must be thick, strong, resilient, and breathable.

Cotton, silk, velvet, leather, or any thin fabric is a big no-no. They can tear while performing a challenging downward dog pose. Also, make sure the pants don’t slip down your stomach. Otherwise, it will make your belly and hips visible.

Yoga pants must not be very tight, and there should not be pockets in them. Anything kept in a yoga pants pocket will make you uncomfortable during poses.

What type of bra should you wear to yoga?

 Any sports bra that provides enough support and cushion will work. The main goal is to keep your breast at the place.  Please make sure the bra cups are fully encapsulating your breast, or they could peek through your top. You would certainly never want this.

Stretchy-cotton bras with front zip closures and the supportive underwire are the best bra fit for yoga. Separate cup bras give great coverage. Just don’t wear your regular bra to yoga.

What type of shoes to wear to yoga?

Don’t wear shoes. Yoga mats usually available at yoga studios are designed for bare feet. Shoes can hinder your connection to the earth. Yoga is not just about moves; it’s a connection of the soul to earth and air.

However, non-slip yoga socks are highly recommended. They provide more grip than bare feet and are a good choice in the yoga studio if one mat is used by multiple people.

For vinyasa flow, you can try good grip sliders. However, it is recommended to practice yoga barefooted.

What yoga tops to wear for a yoga class?

Yoga tops should cover your torso completely. Go for exact fit but not too tight, not too loose. You can go from full sleeves top to sleeveless to crop top for Bikram yoga. A higher neckline is advised to hide your cleavage during an upside-down pose. If your yoga top is not lengthy enough, it will drag upwards every time you raise your arms or extend them.

A seamless bodysuit for yoga can also be a great option to choose from. Our favorites are from ALAMATA. It provides a sleek look with extra comfort and mobility. Your yoga outfits must be sweat absorbing, breathable, and stretchy.

What is the best fabric for yoga outfits?

Fabrics that are moisture absorbing, durable, resilient, stretchy, and opaque works the best. Usually, synthetic fibers fulfill all these criteria. Top picks for yoga fabric are:

  • Stretchy cotton
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Lycra
  • Spandex

What not to wear to yoga class?

Some outfits are a big no-no for your yoga class. They limit the range of motion, and you are unable to perform poses well. Here is a quick list of fabrics and clothes to avoid?

  • Regular bra
  • Cotton undies
  • Loose trousers
  • Loose shirts
  • Non-stretch fabric
  • Non-opaque fabric
  • Revealing tops

Avoid gadgets, watches, pendants, bracelets while doing yoga. Last but not least, leave greed, impatience, and selfishness out when you are heading to your yoga class.

Which yoga accessories are a must?

Besides comfortable clothing, there are some other inevitable and exclusive things you need to have before you join a yoga class. A yoga mat according to your yoga style, non-slip yoga socks, yoga blanket, props, a bag with strap, headbands, and hand towel is some necessary accessories to chose from.

What should men wear to yoga class?

Though the men will have a lower ratio in your yoga class, the tremendous benefits of yoga have compelled people to join a yoga class. As far as the clothing for men is concerned, the rule is simple: Comfortable, perfectly fit, and stretchable.

The best choice for men's yoga clothing would be sweat absorbing, relaxing, not too loose t-shirts that don’t halt the arms movements during poses. The length of the t-shirt should be appropriate so that your stomach doesn’t show up in between the poses.  For yoga pants, you can go with loose yoga pants that do not stick to your body but provide a good fit.  Too short shorts and robs are a big no.

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