First of all we would like to be able to get a little closer to you that you are reading this message about ALAMATA and why our passion for active lifestyle. 

We are a team of young enthusiasts who are driven to advance individuals’ lives by providing unique-built equipment and quality activewear for sports, fitness and yoga. For much of our lives, we have been very much into the idea of developing unique products that will help you to enhance and diversify your yoga practice or fitness workout. We are also being loyal to the state of mind which refers to CHANGING THE WORLD BY CHANGING OURSELVES. We always convey messages that are related to the positive transformation of our bodies and minds towards a WHOLESOME LIFESTYLE. 

It is important for our wellbeing to do things that we enjoy the most. And activities such as yoga, fitness have proven themselves as ones of the most pleasing not only for our bodies but also our SOULS and MINDS.  


Our mission - to offer unique products to alleviate and diversify experiences of individuals maintaining an active lifestyle.

We are truly inspired by the thought that our products can live long and also influence people’s lives! 

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